Why Choose Slacklining?

Why Choose Slacklining?

When you’re starting a new sport or hobby, it’s important to determine exactly why you want to do it – and what you’d like to get out of it.

Slacklining is great way to get out and have fun (and a workout too). Although primarily a leisure sport, slacklining is great physical activity that targets both your core and balance.

Although the sport originated in the rock climbing community, slacklining has grown exponentially in recent years and appeals to all walks of life.

Host of benefits

Unlike many other leisure activities, slacklining is packed with a host full of benefits. You can read our dedicated article to this here.

It can also be incorporated with other activities such as yoga and rock climbing. Slacklining often forms the secondary activity for many rock climbers, who want to have fun whilst they pass time.

Low cost

Slacklining is so cheap that it cleans out the competition when it comes to most outdoor sports. There is no fancy gear or equipment required, nor any special training. All you need is a simple line set up, that you can pick up for cheap over here. Once you move up and want to start some highlining or waterlining, there will be a few more bit and bobs of gear that you’ll need to pick up along the way.

Relatively easy

Although you most likely won’t stand up perfectly the first time you try, slacklining only requires a little practise to enjoy. Invest a few hours of practise, you’ll quickly rack up some fun tricks that you can show off to your friends.

Great social aspect

Slacklining is a fantastic way to socialize with your friends, and meet new people. Not only that, but you can do it in a beautiful outdoor space. Many clubs, societies and institutions use slacklining as their main activity as it’s a full proof way to bring people together in a fun and happy environment.


Slacklining is an exciting and trendy sport to get into. Once the bug bites, you’ll know why this is the next craze that everybody is talking about!

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