Slacklining Hero Saves Strangled Skier (video)

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Mickey Wilson (center) and the man he saved, Richard, on The Ellen Show. Photo by Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

This is an incredible story that happened recently that we have to share with you.

Ski lifts have been known to be dangerous, as was found out by recreational skier, Richard (who does not want his last name published). When he met Mickey Wilson on the morning of the incident, the last thing he expected was that this man would save his life.

Richard and Mickey were travelling with friends up on the chairlift when disaster struck. Richard, who was on the chair behind the others, got caught around the neck by his bag strap. And if that was not bad enough, it started to pull him back down the slope. Trapped, Richard helplessly began suffocating.

Mickey and his other friend, Hans (who is also Richard’s best friend), turned around in horror to see their friend being dragged back down the lift. Mickey recalls how Hans started shouting: “He’s choking! He’s choking! Oh my God, he’s choking!”

They shortly got the lift operator to shut it down, leaving the unconscious man hanging 10 feet above the snow.

This is where the story gets amazing. Mickey, who is a professional slackliner, knew he had to do something, and fast. So he did what he knows best: balancing along a thin line.

Within moments, Mickey got the lift where Richard’s unconscious body dangled. At this point he realised he had nothing to cut the strap with. So the mountain rescue team, who by then had reached below the chair, threw up a knife which he caught perfectly and proceeded to cut the strap.

Richard fell down into the snow, where the rescue team immediately began resuscitating him.

Miraculously, Richard made a full recovery, despite being unconcious for approximately 4 minutes! He attributes his free diving training, which emphasizes breath-hold, on his remarkable ability to survive for so long without oxygen.

This is an incredible story, of a real life miracle and inspiration.

Here’s a video with more on it:

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