Free Solo Slackline World Record (video)

The current world record for free solo slacklining is held by the Canadian daredevil, Spencer Seabrooke. He managed to walk a highline that spanned 64 meters across and 290 meters high, breaking the previous record by 7 meters.

Free soloing is an extreme form of slacklining that entails walking across a highline, unattached. As crazy as this sounds, there are people out there who do this.

The record took place in Squamish, B.C., where he and his team set up the line over the North Gully on Chief mountain. To make sure he could do it successfully, Seabrooke attempted the line first with a harness.

When it came to the real thing, it was gut wrenching to watch. Walking along the slackline, which is a flat webbing only 1 inch wide, Seabrooke could feel it swaying and flexing beneath him. This dynamic line is a key feature of slacklining, although most people enjoy the sport much closer to the ground.

In the video, he almost falls as he collapses onto the line, well knowing how much fresh air was beneath him!

Filmed primarily by drone, the cinematography of the video puts you right in the front seat of Seabrooke’s adrenaline-filled stunt. This video is a must watch – although we warn you, it’s not for the fainthearted!


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