6 Awesome Benefits of Slacklining

Slacklining is a new outdoor craze that’s taking the world by a storm! It’s a great sport for anyone who wants a fun outdoor activity that comes with a host of health benefits with it. This article will be listing 6 benefits of slacklining.

#1: Improvement in Other Sports (through balance)

Slacklining improves your sense of balance significantly. In order for you body to function happily and healthily, it needs to have a well developed sense of balance. This will also assist you in virtually every other type of sport – as they all require some level of balance.

There are a host of other benefits that good balance provides:

  • increased body awareness
  • co-ordination
  • better reaction time
  • joint stability
  • lowered risk of injury

These alone are good enough reasons to hop on that slackline!

#2: Improved Posture

A bad posture won’t get you far on a slackline. Progressing in your slacklining capability inevitably means working on your posture. Slacklining improves the strength of your spinal posture, leading to reduced risk of back pain or injuries. A study conducted in 2011, showed that in as little as 10 sessions of slacklining, patients displayed improved balance and posture.

#3: Full Body Workout

Slacklining uses almost every muscle in your body. When you first start slacklining, you’ll begin to feel muscles (that you never thought you had) start to burn. Your core muscles are particularly at work here, as they’re responsible for stabilization of the body.

After a little bit of training, you’ll start feeling a general sense of being fitter and stronger. It’s this fantastic feeling that drives us to pursue and push ourselves further, as the reward is so great. Your muscles will begin to tone too – another added benefit.

It’s important to note that you should do a quick warm-up routine before you begin your slack session.

#4: Low Cost

Slacklining is a very affordable sport to get into. It doesn’t require any serious gear or clothing  – all you need is slackline. There are an array of slacklines available to suit your specific budget. You can even pick up a second-hand setup for relatively cheap. Slacklining also doesn’t require you to spend money on travel or venues. You can easily do it in your own garden, local park or beach.

#5: Sharpens Concentration

In order to slackline successfully, you need to give it your full attention. By practising consistently, you don’t only begin to master the slackline – but also you mind. By improving your concentration ability, you can put it to good use in other parts of your life such as in your job or social events. Additionally, another study in 2011 showed a direct correlation between slacklining and the hippocampus – which is a part of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

#6: Gets you into nature

There’s nothing more rejuvenating than spending quality time outside. Slacklining provides a great opportunity for people to get outside and enjoy nature. Research has shown that spending time in nature has a multitude of benefits, including factors such improved mood, better concentration and most notably, lowered stress levels. In addition to this, you get your dose of vitamin D by being in the sun, and have fun whilst you hang out with your friends.


There a numerous benefits to slacklining, and this list only highlights our top 6. With these brilliant benefits of slacklining and more – who can say slacklining is a bad idea? Get out there and have fun!

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